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http://curemito.org/estorke/639 ♦Bellin, Z.J. (2014). The practice of personal meaning cultivation. International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy, 5, 145-147

http://www.amisdecolette.fr/?friomid=site-de-rencontres-amicales-lyon&d3a=21 ♦Bellin, Z.J. (2014). Getting serious about spirituality: Preparing tomorrow’s counselor for post-conventional faith.  In Ideas and research you can use: VISTAS 2014. Retrieved from http://www.counseling.org/Resources/

site de rencontre gratuit sérieux sans abonnement pour les femmes ♦ Bellin, Z.J. (2013). Meaning through Being: Reclaiming the Wholeness of Personal Meaning. The Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education and Development. volume 52, pp 208-222.

♦ Bellin, Z.J. (2012). The Quest to Capture Personal Meaning in PsychologyInternational Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy. 

Exploring Attitudes towards Death and Life through Story and Metaphor, is an exploration of how authors, researchers, and therapists share in the responsibility of how death is perceived and coped with in our culture. In addition to theoretical exploration, the article presents a fictional story, authored by Zvi, which exemplifies the underlying thesis of the article.

♦ Searching for Meaning: An Encounter with the Sacred in Our World  was presented at the Zygone Center Symposium on Spirituality and Religion. It evaluates service as the core of the meaningful experience as it relates to the spiritual life.

♦  Zvi’s dissertation project was completed in Decmber 2009. Entitled, A Holistic-Content Approach to Personal Meaning, the document presents a thorough Narrative Analysis of Personal Meaning in the story of 12 diverse individuals. This is Zvi’s foundational work for the concept of meaning through being and it culminates in a cohesive model for experiencing sustainable meaning.


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♦ Zvi was awarded the prestigious “Make A Difference Grant”for his research proposal by the The Counseling Association of Humanistic Education and Development (C-AHEAD), a division of the American Counseling Association. The award is granted to a project whose results will help the population that is studied. Zvi’s project laid the foundation for how anyone can live a more meaningful life.

♦ Since 2006, Zvi has been connected with Nehirim:GLBT Culture and Spirituality. It is an organization that creates sustainable community for GLBT Jews through retreats, conferences, and workshops. Zvi is part of the core faculty — facilitating heart-opening experiences at many of Nehirim’s programs.

♦ In August 2009, a masked person walked into a GLBTQ teen support group in Tel Aviv and killed 2 people. The DC Jewish GLBTQ community, with Zvi as one of the main organizers, rallied together with a supportive vigil. An article in Tablet Magazine (August 20, 2009) covered the event focusing on the inclusion of an Orthodox Rabbi as a speaker.

♦ Zvi was invited to create a vigil for the University of Maryland GLBT group, Hamsa commemorating the Tel Aviv atrocity of December 2009. The vigil included personal sharing from Zvi’s time in Israel and also brought the message home by acknowledging the murder of a Trans women in the DC area. The article was published in Mitzpeh on October 14, 2009.

♦ In this edition of Torah Queeries, parshat Bechukotai (May 22, 2008), Zvi reflects on how we must continously grow spiritually in order to sustain the physical world.

♦ Zvi’s writing appears  in Torah Queeries, parshat Vayishlach (December 12, 2008). In this article Zvi explores the balancing act between fearfulness and authenticity.

♦ Zvi was a founding member of the Silver Spring Moishe House . The house hosted a multitude of programs for the Jewish community in the DC-Metro area. Some of Zvi’s memorable programs are the Barefoot Boogie, Sex and Judaism, and a Half-Day Meditation Retreat. Zvi also appeared in an article printed in the Israeli paper, HaAretz, about the Moishe House.

♦ Zvi’s vision of Jewish Education was published in an online journal – The Jewish Educator. It is hosted by New CAJE. The essay, Judaism as a Spiritual path, presents narrative backgrounds to Zvi’s interest in blending Jewish living with holistic health.

♦  “Asseh Lecha Rav”: A Journey Through Clergy Abuse was published on Tikkun Daily. It is a revealing memoir of Zvi’s experience living and working with an unsafe clergy person. It was written to summarize the learnings that Zvi received from the encounter — mostly about how one should be an informed consumer when selecting a teacher.

♦ Zvi’s article on Beyond Frankl: Towards a Meaningful Life was featured on Tikkun Magazine. This article wraps up the major findings of his foundation study.

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The Messiah’s Closet is a fictional short work about the Messiah telling the world that he or she cannot fulfill the expectations of the world to heal all of our problems. It is a call to everyone to take responsibility for the world’s problems and to act towards a solution.

The New Jewish Scene is an article exploring some of the alternative-to-synagogue choices that are a growing part of the American Jewish world.

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