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Community Retreats and Workshops

Zvi Bellin, Ph.D. – Integrating Contemplative Practice with Spiritual Wisdom


Thank you so much Zvi for adding tremendously to our community weekend. Our community became closer through your bonding text and discussion workshop. We were able to give the gift of blessings to each other as you created a safe space for deeper connectivity. Your yoga classes and meditation walk brought a level of contemplation that has been missing from our intellectual routine. We so enjoyed your presence connecting with all our members who attended. 
Daniel Siegel
Netivot Shalom Community Retreat Director 
Berkeley, CA
Treat your community members to a unique and affordable experience with dynamic workshops, meaningful rituals, and cutting edge psycho-spiritual lectures. Zvi can be invited to college campuses, Yoga studios, academic and religious institutions, and retreat environments.

∞ Workshops that blend current research on personal meaning and universal contemplative practice.

∞ Uplifting co-created rituals that facilitate exploration of personal spirituality and intimacy between community members.

∞ Yoga, meditation, and cultivation of awareness to enhance well-being of body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Contact Information: To create a tailored experience for your community please email Z.BellinLPCC@gmail.com , or phone, 510-292-4002.

Participant Testimonials

I am still so high from everything that happened [at the retreat], and I am incredibly grateful for such a healing weekend.  I needed this past weekend so badly, and it was everything and more that I could have hoped it would be.  I have not been myself for months, and finally, this weekend, and now, I am feeling like ME again!” – Alyssa, Retreat Participant

“Zvi is a wonderful yoga instructor with a Jewish soul, a down-to-earth demeanor, and a delightfully eclectic taste in music! It’s a treat to practice yoga in his poetic, accepting, multi-generational classes, with the full richness of his iPod accompanying our movements.” — Joelle, Yoga Series Participant

“It always feels so warm and open.  I especially enjoyed the movement workshop.  You have this way of encouraging people to connect with parts of ourselves we all think about but not many of us actually pay attention to them.  I mean how often have I wanted to leap around a room with wild abandon and how often do I actually let myself do that?  I am so grateful for the space that you created to allow me to do that.  As far as the gathering goes, everything was wonderful.” — Randy, Returning Participant

“The Contemplative Shabbat Retreat for Young Jewish Professionals brought me a great deal of inner peace through mindful meditative workshops. The opportunity brought together an intimate group of like-minded Jews who carved out time for personal work. As we sat in social silence for the weekend, we were taught life skills for stress-reduction, concentration, and strengthening the presence of our highest selves under the lens of Judaic tradition.” – S.K., Shabbaton Participant

“Zvi is one of my favorite Yoga teachers–with a nice mix of discipline and freedom and a strong emphasis on the power of the breath, he makes each class a restorative session.” —JoAnne, Yoga student

“I just wanted to thank you very much for your wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed your integration of self-awareness exercises and meditation with the physical components of Yoga. It definitely made it very clear how connected the mind and body are, and how Yoga is the best medium for aligning the two in the healthiest possible way. Thanks!” — Uri, Workshop Participant

“Thank you for the wonderful retreat, Zvi. It was very powerful and beautiful and I am in a great space. Please keep me updated on future events. I loved the chanting /singing, the movement, the breathwork, the meditating, the intentional speaking, your facilitation method, the silent meals and all the instruction you gave.” — M.G., Contemplative Retreat Participant

“I feel really fortunate and blessed to be part of this group.  I am so impressed with your approach to teaching and sharing your knowledge.” — J.B., Tele-Midrash Participant

“I loved your teaching tonight. SO simple, clear, meaningful, affecting. Really lovely. Thank you very, very much. The concept of shul as a transformational space is radical for me. Just the language of “transformation” is taking up residence in my brain in a very satisfying way.  Put me on your mailing list, please. I hope I’ll make it to a retreat sometime. — ivdu et hashem b’simcha — I’m going back to what I’m working on tonight now with more expansiveness.” — Participant at Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn Workshop

“Zvi, you are a phenomenal human being. Thank you for facilitating such a powerful experience for me last weekend. I am very much looking forward to opportunities to continue to learn from you and with you in the near future” — KF, Retreat Participant

“Dr. Bellin, I admire and respect your approach to your work, your sense of organization, your interest in your students but most all your way of being.” — ES, Counseling Workshop Student


Professional Endorsements

“Dr. Zvi Bellin teaches an inspiring Torah that is a unique blend of traditional text study, contemplative practice, and humanistic psychology.  He is a caring, engaging, down-to-earth teacher who brings light and life to Jewish hearts and souls.” – Rabbi Jacob Staub, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

“Having the opportunity to participate in learning with Dr. Zvi Bellin is an extraordinary, only enhanced through his immersive retreats. I have seen firsthand the amazing and transformational experience it creates through dozens of residents and participants at Moishe House. His ability to combine text, experiential education and an atmosphere that gives way to an openness I have never seen before are just some of the ways he puts himself in a class of his own.” — David Cygielman, CEO, Moishe House

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Zvi on a retreat he planned, and I was tremendously impressed with the broad range of his leadership skills.  First, Zvi brings a high level of professionalism to his work with colleagues – with his attention to detail, his clarity of vision, and his supportive attitude.  Then, in his interaction with participants, his own talent as an educator and facilitator was remarkable.  Zvi is uniquely able to connect people to an exploration of spirituality in a way that feels sincere and unpretentious.  He has a down-to-earth charisma that students respond to  with great affection and admiration.  I learned a lot from Zvi, and I’d jump at the chance to work with him again.” — Rabbi David Kasher, Director of Education, Kevah

“Zvi Bellin is a multitalented and capable facilitator, counselor, and teacher. Over the years that I have worked with Zvi I have watched him mature as a heartful voice of listening and compassion; he has helped dozens of people I know come to terms with difficult family issues, faith issues, and questions regarding sexuality.   As a ritual leader and “space holder” Zvi is able to create both traditional religious services and highly nontraditional spiritual opportunities for people to open their hearts. He is at home leading a rousing chorus of Hebrew songs and conducting an intimate heart circle with a wide range of participants.   Finally, Zvi is a joy to work with. As he has grown professionally, he is increasingly able to take on more and more responsibility and continues to do so with a lightness of spirit that makes working with him a pleasure.” — Jay Michaelson, Nehirim: GLBT Jewish Culture and Spirituality

“Dr. Zvi Bellin is what I would call an intersectional spiritual counselor and ritual artist. He invites us all to stand in the multiplicity of our locations without having to leave any pieces of ourselves behind. The community that he builds is rich in its diversity of identities and locations: there is room for everyone. He accompanies us in ritual in a way that invites everyone into their bodies in a way that feels appropriate and comfortable to them. As a retreat-guide, his inestimable attention to detail allows people to drop down into the cave of the heart with ease and grace. He facilitates the voyage of every element of each one of us as we move towards the Source of all Being. Yasher koach, Zvi!” –Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abdurrahmani: Starr King School/GTU and Chochmat HaLev


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