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What is Meaning Through Being?

Meaning through Being is a reminder that our life meaning does not solely exist externally in what we do, but rather, it is rooted in the simple fact that we are alive. I advocate that every single human being has the right to a sense of personal meaning, and when this right is suppressed or stripped away, an individual will experience an imbalance in mental health.

I have questioned and studied the experience of meaning for over 10 years and I have found that when a person affirms their meaning through being, within the context of their actions, a more sustainable and stable experience of personal meaning becomes possible.  As relational beings, we need each other for this affirmation.  This is where my work as a licensed psychospiritual counselor begins.

Through professional counseling sessions, I help individuals, couples, and families set a course for perpetual growth, cultivating awareness and compassion, which enhances resilience and well-being. Through writings and workshop presentations, I challenge social institutions to evaluate how their cultural environments affect the ability of community members, or employees, to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. I invite you to discover more about meaning through being through the pages of this website. I can be reached via email or phone to discuss how my work can transform your personal life or organizational culture.

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