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Bay Area Jewish Mindfulness Retreat – March 21 – 23

Bay Area Jewish Meditation Circle
(Formerly Sit n’ Schmooze)
Community Shabbat Retreat

March 21 – 23, 2014

Vajrapani Institute in Boulder Creek, CA

“Behold you are beautiful my friend.” – Song of Songs

An affordable soulful weekend get-a-way with a fabulous community.
From start to finish, a mindful journey to cultivate presence and compassion.
Accessible spiritually-focused Jewish practice held in the container of mindfulness.


Our schedule will follow the flow of a traditional Shabbat though will aim specifically at spiritual renewal and connection with each other and nature. Prayer and study are held with a creative and experiential flavor to access the meaning behind these ancient practices. We will be holding a general container of silence during the weekend, though there will be ample chanting, contemplative study, and mindful sharing.  See our tentative schedule posted below.

The Vajrapani Institute is a Tibetan Buddhist center that is excited about welcoming all traditions to practice in their beautiful space. Get ready for a colorful Buddha-filled room that will support our Jewish Shabbat practice.


E-mail Zvi (z.bellinlpcc@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns you might have. When you are ready to register, please fill out this survey. The survey contains information about payment. 


Zvi Bellin is a Core Faculty member of Holistic Counseling at John F. Kennedy University, and the Director of Jewish Education and Pastoral Counseling for Moishe House. He directs intimate retreats and workshops for the Jewish community that are both spiritually uplifting and intellectually stimulating. He is an international Jewish educator, a licensed professional counselor, and a teacher of Jewish mindfulness practice. Find out more at www.meaningthroughbeing.com

Mia Miriam Cohen brings her love of spirit and Jewish tradition together with an awareness that illuminates Judaisms Indigenous and Earth Based roots. She is a Rabbinical Student with ALEPH, the Alliance for Jewish Renewal, an Herbalist, assistant Midwife, and facilitator of Devotional Hebrew Chant, Yoga, and Sacred Movement.  Mia has served on the faculty for Kol Zimra Devotional Chant leadership training, in spiritual leadership with Wilderness Torah and Ruach HaAretz, and works in Jewish Renewal and Interfaith Communities to weave the generations and bring forth a regenerative, sustainable, and alive Judaism.

PRICING (Includes weekend housing and 5 delicious vegetarian meals)

Dorm-style (12 spots) – $155

Quads (8 spots) – $175

All rooms are shared bathrooms. When these 20 spots are filled we can contract to open more spots. Please inquire about other housing options if needed.

*At the close of the retreat, participants will be asked to make a gift offering to the retreat facilitator.*


Our goal is to keep this retreat as affordable as possible. If you are in need of financial assistance to attend, please e-mail Zvi. There may be limited funds available to subsidize the cost of the retreat.

If you are able to pay more in order to increase the pool of scholarship funds, please contact Zvi. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 


Friday, March 21st (Shabbat Candle Lighting is 7:05)

Arrival – 3:00pm (Settle in to rooms and get organized)

5:00pm – Welcome and Orientation
5:30pm – Mindfulness Practice Basic Instructions
6:30pm – Entering into Shabbat Consciousness (with periods of sitting meditation)
7:30pm – MindfulShabbat Dinner
9:00pm – Contemplative Study with Mindful Sharing
10:00pm – Sitting Meditation and Bedtime Prayer

Shabbat, March 22nd  
8:00am – Sitting Meditation
9:00am – Mindful Breakfast
10:00am – Movement & Chanting Service (with periods of sitting meditation)
11:00am – Contemplative Study with Mindful Sharing
12:30pm – Mindful Shabbat Lunch
2:00pm – Walking Meditation Hike to Castle Rock State Park (with periods of sitting meditation)
4:30pm – Shabbat Afternoon Practice (with periods of sitting meditation)
6:00pm – Mindful ShabbatDinner
7:30pm – Transcending Shabbat Consciousness (with periods of sitting meditation)
8:30pm – Havdallah (Shab ends 8:36pm)
9:00pm – Hitbodedut & Mindful Sharing **BRING WARM LAYERS!**
10:30pm – Sitting Meditation and Bedtime Prayer

Sunday, March 23rd  
7:30am – Sitting and Movement Meditation
8:30am – Mindful Breakfast
9:30amMorning Practice (with periods of sitting meditation)
10:30am – Closing Circle
11:30am Farewell

For further information and to inquire about scholarships e-mail z.bellinlpcc@gmail.com or call  510-292-4002.

We are grateful for the support of Moishe House Without Walls.

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