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Meaning Blog: Juggling Scarves

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I thought that there was no way that I could learn how to juggle. The whole idea of throwing something up into the air and seamlessly catch it can be hard enough, but to do that with multiple objects at the same time! Sounds ridiculous! Well this is not a blog entry about how I learned how to juggle tennis balls or bean bags. That is still on my to-do list. What I have learned how to juggle though is scarves. Light, floaty, colorful, weightless scarves. They gracefully puff in the air like bursts of cloud and softly mellow their way down to the floor. I can even juggle 5 scarves at a time. FIVE!

This is all coming up because of a lesson that I am working on and that I want to share with you. In life, we juggle many commitments – work (or for some of us multiple jobs), family, play, study, friends, movies, yoga, eating … The list can go on and on (and on and on!). At times, we feel overwhelmed with all of this juggling. We feel that we are hefting multiple bowling balls in the air and just barely keeping everything aloft. Some of us might learn how to juggle bowling balls and that can be a wonderful feat.   For the rest of us juggling bowling balls will only lead to burn-out, stress, and eventually failure. Because you can’t just do it all!

Here is the trick I am working on. I can switch my perspective from juggling bowling balls to juggling scarves. Life is about multiple moving parts and we cannot just simply put things down. When I enter into the metaphor of juggling scarves I have time to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each task that I undertake. I can fully embody and embrace each role I am called to play. Instead of constantly worrying about the next thing coming, or falling, I am able to have a moment of presence amidst the ceaseless flow.

So I want to invite you to acquire a few very light and sheer scarves – 3 to 5, some simple tulle will do. Delight in your amazing ability to master the complex art of juggling and then invite the same sense of ease and flow into your life.

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