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Meaning Blog: Corrections!

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The New York Times makes mistakes! I was reading a section of the Sunday paper and noticed a small Corrections blurb. It was so liberating to note that even the New York Times makes mistakes. I really hope that whoever (or however many people) typed Twin Rivers instead of Two Rivers was ultimately met with compassion as the editorial team concluded, “Don’t worry, we will print a correction.” Now let’s not let on that we know that Corrections actually is a way for the New York Times to say, “Oops! We messed up and we apologize for our carelessness.”

I know when I make a mistake it takes me a while to get to the place where I can first fully admit that I made a mistake. When I finally do, I tend to wallow in the guilt and shame of doing something wrong. Like the time I sent an introduction email about one course I was teaching to the wrong class roster.  It was my very first course that I was teaching in person, and I already felt like a total failure. And to twist the dagger a little deeper, it was a course about adolescent psychology, and misspelled the word adolescent! I was sure I was going to get an email the next day excusing me from my position. I feel some embarrassment to fess up to this folly even now, though I am sure something similar has happened to you.   After a mini freak out, I sent a carefully crafted correction to the wrong roster, and then sent my original email to the correct class with a correctly spelled subject headline.

Later that evening, I had a good cry/laugh with a good friend about my mistake as I realized that the world was not going to end. This seemed to be an important step. If I just kept the story to myself, I would be stuck with my own exaggerated terror filled episode. Life out loud is generally a lot less terrifying.

The next time you make a mistake, remind yourself that even the New York Times makes mistakes and for most mistakes, you too can probably offer a correction.

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